Account Management

Running a farm is a dawn-to-dusk operation. That's why we offer convenient online tools to make managing your loans hassle-free.

Digital Banking

With AgCarolina Farm Credit’s online Digital Banking, you have 24/7 access to all of your loan information. You can also make payments and transfer funds any time of day or night, all in one place in an easy-to read, easy-to-print format.

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Mobile App

Your account is available anywhere.

With the AgCarolina Farm Credit Mobile app, you can view balances, recent transactions, account details and other Digital Banking information. You can also make payments and transfer funds from your AgCarolina Farm Credit account to an external checking or savings account.

Easily access your account on the go with our mobile app for iPhone and Android.


Instant loan advances at the tip of your pen.

  • Access your Line of Credit Loan whenever you need.
  • Write your own loan checks whenever and wherever you please.
  • Save time and money by eliminating the need to drive to a branch office to pick up a check.
  • Receive checks personalized with your name and address or the name and address of your business.
  • Receive an itemized monthly statement with details of the AgriLine checks you wrote the previous month.
  • View your account activity online any time of the day or night with Digital Banking.

Contact your local branch for details.


Hassle-free, automatic drafting of your loan payments.

Tired of writing checks or hunting for stamps? Want to skip those last-minute trips to the post office? AutoDraft automatically deducts your loan payments from your checking or savings account. It’s safe, easy and free.

  • Have peace of mind. You'll know your payment has been made on time, every time.
  • Save money. You'll have one fewer stamp to buy. And, because your payment is always on time, you'll avoid late charges.
  • Save time. You'll have one fewer check to write each month and make one fewer trip to the mailbox.

For more details regarding account management tools, contact your local branch.


FastCash is the fast, safe and dependable way to draw funds from your AgCarolina Farm Credit Line of Credit Loan. Quick and easy fund transfers by phone or online – no more wire charges.

When you need money fast, to make a purchase, cover a check or just pay operating expenses, we deliver. It just takes a phone call or a click online and we'll electronically transfer funds from your line of credit loan directly into your checking or savings account the next morning.

Still need a loan check?

No problem. When you have a FastCash account, you can still get a loan check whenever you need one. Just drop by or give us a call and we'll write you a check on the spot or mail one to you.

For more details regarding account management tools, contact your local branch.